SNSD Korean

Let’s face it, IGAB is probably the most experimental song in Soshi’s discography. Let’s forget the fact that many people are crying about this song because it sounds weird, people cried about Gee as well because it was too poppy and trying to be overly cute.

SNSD I Got a Boy edit

I’ve put this song on repeat for a few days straight now and I actually really enjoy it. However, I can understand how people don’t, it’s not really pop…it’s an experimental variation of pop elements. My musical tastes start with rock and metal, and it evolved into Progressive Metal/rock, and I feel that IGAB has links to progressive music.  I’ll be analysing why people who LOVE kpop seem to be afraid of this song so much, and why people seem to find it difficult to listen to.

THIS IS A LONG READ, but it might give a very good insight as to why the…

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