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SuperJunior [MIRACLE]

Shindong said,

SuperJunior is just like ‘nine dish food’. If you separate the ingredients, it’s just a plain food, but when the 9 ingredients mix, it becomes a fantastic royal cuisine.

Some of the members have different activities, but we never forget about each other. SuperJunior is not only one person, but it will be finished when there are 13 people, so it’s something like ‘nine dish food’

■ Ryeowook
He’s the youngest, but he is like a ‘mother’. He likes to cook food and feed it to his members. One day, he cooked a ‘vegitable bacon’ and said, ” Hyungs don’t eat vegitables, so, I was thinking how you guys will eat it without complaining, so I just came up with cutting the vegitables thin, and mixed it with bacon. ”

■ Eunhyuk
Does not eat seafood.

■ Kangin
He’s the     Gourmet from members. If a restaurant is…

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