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121018 High Cut Magazine – Super Junior [20P]

Q1: Many girl fans are jealous of Yesung’s smooth skin. Do you have a special way of taking care of it?

Yesung: Skin is immortal (?) I have never (almost) gotten any skin treatments. But in exchange for that, I probably lack in other things. During 1jib, I had a surgery so I can’t drink alcohol well.  So I continue to be on a diet though I weight the least in our team

Q2: <NamHanSan Castle> <HongGilDong> <DonQuixote>, etc. You have done many musicals. Back then, there weren’t as many idols doing musicals. How did you start doing it?

Yesung: Because not many idols tried it before then, many people were surprised. When doing <NamHanSan Castle>, I practiced with Kang Shin Il, Lee Pil Mo Sunbaenims. I tried musical because I wanted to learn…

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