Thank you for your participation~~~ ♥ This project is now closed~


Hi ELF ~! This is a PROJECT post!

We  have always been wanting to create or at least participate in project for Super Junior (or any one of the members) for a very long time now, to show our support which goes beyond the current efforts of posting/purchasing CDs and to show that we EXIST.

As you may already know  Siwon will be making a comeback to the small screen through SBSs’ new drama called ‘The King of Dramas’ and so, opportunely we have teamed up with οoΟ※For You※Οoο——☆ゞSiwon Choi|崔始源ゞ☆ and other fanbases (yet to be announced) to show him our support ~!

The type of support is ‘Food Support’, this where we purchase all sorts of delicious foods.. to support our hardworking Siwon along with actors of the drama and deserving production staff. Hence the number adds up…

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